ccs-logoCCS are the place to go for your independent telecommunication and IT provision. If you need a dedicated managed service covering business mobile devices, fixed lines, data, contact centres and other B2B solutions visit and see what it is about CCS that makes them right for your organisation.

So much has changed in today’s work environment that it takes an expert to keep you up to date with the latest technological trends that affect your communications strategies. You may be looking for a supplier to offer a simple, cohesive solution, and you want that expert to also know about how business works and about business culture. You may be looking for a partner; a team that can offer you robust strategic insight to influence your long term IT and telecommunications goals. Both of these needs can be met with CCS, who always put your business needs at the forefront of any supplier relationship or partnership.

CCS know about the importance of having a connected workforce working with the best telecommunications at their disposal, to make sure that everything happens in real time, as quickly and efficiently as possible to maximise efficiency and therefore profitability.

CCS is a well-established business that prides itself on having earned the loyalty and respect of both national and North East based clients because of their bespoke telecommunications and IT solutions; as service they have been providing since 1988. It is by making it a priority to know each of their clients’ businesses inside out so that they can anticipate their needs – they are the experts at what they do so that you don’t need to be. From SMEs requiring easy, friendly supplier driven contracts right through to larger businesses that need CCS to be a functional companion in their day-to-day strategic IT and telecommunications output, there are solutions available.

Do you expect your work force to be more flexible in today’s environment, to keep up with your clients’ requirements and to compete with your competitors? CCS know that this is a requirement of most businesses nowadays. It is vital that you are able to access the best communications with hosted telephony and business mobile contracts so that your business can reach your expectations and targets.

CCS have worked hard in their specialism of end to end solutions. They know that losing signal, vital data and suffering costly downtime is something that faces organisations every day and that it is not an acceptable threat; so they are ready to assist with working out a better, more cost effective answer to the traditional backup methods and communications networks.

They tailor their partnerships and packages to meet your expectations as well as the operational objectives of your organisation. CCS not only help you in today’s environment but they work with an eye on the future and will advise on solutions that have longevity or they will advise of new technologies that will benefit your outfit.

Over the nearly 30 years of CCS’s growth and development, they have curated a team of committed and highly skilled professionals who have experience in telecoms and the IT industry. They all understand that in today’s fast moving working environment they cannot rest on their laurels and so the organisation invests time in acquiring new knowledge, and staying ahead of the curve. It is this commitment to what they do that means you can truly trust them with your telecommunications and IT needs. Visit for more information.